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What is Origin Sport

More transparent and safe sport betting process

A platform where anyone can host a wager and anyone can join a wager,and smart contracts also ensure that hosts are solvent.

An accountable platform where the rules and transaction records are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring the transaction record, the rules of game and the odds of the game are “manipulate-proof”.

Smart contracts automatically settle and distribute bonuses.

A credit model to support a token lending system

A platform will be able to filter users with good credit and provide token related financial products to meet the users’needs.

Hosts will have priviledges with a certain amount of ORS, and then hosts will be able to have more efficient use of their capital.

Provide technical solutions for businesses resolve sports events via smart contracts

Through smart contracts, our solution can provide enterprise users with a permanent and immutable events database.

Combine the results of sport events stored on-chain and detailed technical statistics in IPFS which has led to sports data system as a whole.

Next Generation of Blockchain based Sports Betting Social Platform

Trust Chain on Traditional Betting Platform
Trust Chain on Blockchian Based Betting Platform
Value Of Platform
Allow users to participate in tokenized bets on a secure, flexible and free platform
Secondary markets for tokens to appreciate in value - users can feel good about keeping tokens that double as an investment (betting = investment)
Players from around the world can join in on any game at any time, our platform isn't bound by regional restriction
Support for a variety of games with a variety of sports
Use of intelligent algorithms to match sport fans with other fans that have similar interests

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ORS Token Ecosystem

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Henry Shi

Henry Shi is the Managing Partner of AI List Capital, a venture capital firm invested in early-stage AI companies. Henry has led investments over 20 AI startups which have attracted follow-on investors including Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, KPCB, Accel Partners, SoftBank, Tencent, etc. Henry cofounded and served as President of PlusYoou, the largest startup platform in Southern California bridging resources in the US and China. From 2010 to 2014, Henry cofounded and served as CTO of CloudApply (acquired), the first marketplace in China providing overseas education consulting. Henry received an PhD in Computer Science from University of Southern California.

Weiwen Zhang

Yihua Technology ,LTD. CEO

Peter Du

Rednova CIO (Chief Investment Officer)

Steve Lau

Mr. Steve is a well-known entrepreneur and angel investor in China, he has over 25 years experiences of technology and investment experiences. Mr. Lau resigned from Hutchison Whampoa Group and founded his own company Fortune Telecom in 1993. Seven years later, he successfully brought his company to IPO in Hong Kong. In year 2011, Mr. Lau founded Eagles Fund focus on angel investment. In 2015 & 2016, Mr. Lau was ranked top 10 angel investor in China! In year 2017, Mr. Lau was in charge of Chief consultant of Eagles Chain Capital.

Dayong Zhou

Co-founder of AI List Capital , managing a 10m USD early stage fund focusing on AI, individual investor of five US start ups. Mr. Zhou was a Managing Director of China Renaissance, Healthcare Group, responsible for cross border M&A. Previously, Mr. Zhou worked for Shanghai Stock Exchange, listing department, as an associate director. He also has more than ten years investment banking experience in HSBC Hong Kong and CITIC securities Beijing in the early career. MBA, Duke University

Jia Zhao

The president of Yongjia Group.

Strategic Investors


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